Tile collection for Iris Ceramica Group contest

Presenting our tile collection for Iris Ceramico Group contest. 

The name of the collection - DOME - comes from the old Georgian traditional roofing system, which was mainly used in the eastern part of the country. The unusual shape that creates an interesting pattern and shades in the interior became our inspiration for the tiles collection for the Iris contest. 

The shape of an upturned pyramid symbolizes the connection and road between people and god. The top of the “crown” as they call this structure is the primary source of light in the interior because the whole architecture is hidden in the ground. We wanted to recreate that emotion in our presented visualizations too, using triangle-shaped tiles around the central fireplace, creating a monumental central piece in the interior.

The inspiration for the color scheme we took from old Georgian frescos is a very natural, calm, and close-to-earth palette. Their combinations in the space will create a cozy, warm ambiance. The glazed covering of the tiles is an addition to mix it with matte tiles and make more accents in the interior. 

In this collection, we have presented two types of tiles: triangle wall tiles and flat version for both walls and floors. With various possibilities in combinations of layouts using 7 different colors, added inner and outer corner tiles can be used to create a sense of infinity for any kind of space. They can be used not only as a 3-dimensional tile but also as a decorative shelf for small items or books to display.

We used triangle tiles for the main central element – hearth, to show the monumental character of the specific composition in black color. In general clay hearths were used for heating and cooking, but at the same time, it was a sacred, cult place of the family where they also held various religious rituals. Using tiles from the DOME collection gives the possibility to play with layouts, colors, and shapes. The covering of each tile  brings a closer feel of nature into the space.

Since construction is one of the main sources of pollution on earth, making our products sustainable was extremely significant for us. Deciding how to make tiles sustainable was a challenge, but we devised a plan to promote recycling materials used in the interior, including tiles. To encourage recycling and increase the interest of users, we could include a list of the nearest ceramic recycling centers in the packaging. Also, we can offer beneficial vouchers and cashback opportunities to buyers, and/or offer paying for transportation from their location to recycling centres. This way, we can raise awareness about sustainability and motivate more people to care about the environment. Our tiles can be upcycled - we can inform our future buyers about the creative ways of reusing tiles. For example, they can be repainted or used to create mosaic patterns.

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